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XYO Network

xyo network

The prompt advancement with Ethereum has made the blockchain enabled Websites and smart contracts become prevalent. As a matter of fact, the smart contracts that are based on Ethereum offer the capability to use the crypto economic and blockchain ideologies across numerous businesses and operations. Despite that, there’s no available decentralized and imposing vision to regulate and authenticate location. But this problem will be solved by the XYO Network. To know more about this superb platform read some information below.

XYO Network Background

For some reference, XYO Network is the first-ever decentralized blockchain platform that is really trustworthy and protected together with the location proof network. The full acknowledgment goes to the two of the most core concept: the Bound Witness and the Proof of Origin. With the aid of the API, this platform permits all of the smart contract and of course the developers to have a deal directly.

Moreover, the major objective of this XYO Network is to repel any sort of attacks. Meanwhile, this also leads to the utmost certainty conceivable for all kinds of existing data. This accomplishment is completed through a set of an idea which really lessens the possibility of location tracking.

How Does XYO Network Function?

The whole process of the XYO Network is grounded on four main modules, which are:


  • Sentinels


It collects real-world location theories, self-improves and links Proof of Origin to the nodes.


  • Bridges


Collects the necessary documents from the sentinels and accords their Proof of Origin to the series. Afterward, these become accessible to Archivists that are contained by the system.


  • Archivists


These catalogs and stores the materials obtained from the bridges.


  • Diviners


These are the ones that gather all the information coming from the archivists and utilize them in responding to inquiries or validating location.

XYO Network Token

The XYO network is utilizing an Ethereum-based token, which was being denoted to as XYO token. These tokens are being utilized inside the platform based on the density and significance of the user’s inquiry. It is also gifted to the Diviner that offers the most appropriate answer. With this structure of procedure, everybody who participates in the platform will surely receive a reward.

To know more about the XYO Network and its Token Generation event you can visit its official Website:

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