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KahnChat App & Blockchain Technology


KahnChat App has a goal to combine social media and its features with the blockchain platform. Social media has features like instant voice messaging, instant sharing, live video feeds among other attributes found in an effective platform. The mission is to integrate the app with the

blockchain technology platform.


At present, the IM features are not integrable yet to the blockchain platform. It is not an easy task to see the goal through present circumstances involving finance and technology. KahnChat App needs further and in-depth research to achieve these objectives.


Goals to achieve the Social media integration with the blockchain platform


IM services integration with the blockchain infrastructure in the search for a decentralized solution will be in the upcoming months. The integration will change the global economy on how receivers and recipients send and receive money. There is no controlling entity that blocks the cryptocurrency transfers happening over the internet. A farmer in an isolated area in Asia can make money just like someone sitting on a desk in Wall Street. He would just open his social media and show what he has to offer to the world.


Improve the speed of transactions by decreasing the settlement latency between the sender and the recipient. The move could happen with an encrypted solution for data.


The central gateways of the Instant Messaging nodes need decentralization.


The developmental integration of the app and the blockchain technology is a gargantuan job for the experts and the expenses that curtail in the work. The fundraising initiative through the ICO crowdfunding generated a positive response that is taking place at the moment. The third phase of the ICO started last February 19th until the 24th of February, 2018.


The third phase offers a 5% bonus for early buyers.The total amount raised to date is US$130,504.85 through credit cards, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.


KCH is the cryptocurrency of the KahnChat App ICO. The virtual currency is available as payments for goods and services over the internet. It is also a medium of exchange through the KahnChat wallet for online transactions with merchants supporting the virtual money.  


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